Q&A With Good Goose Cafe, Larchmont Village

Good Goose Cafe
5210 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
  • Open Monday through Friday 11am – 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 12n – 8pm.
  • Order pick up through their website or call 323-378-5272
  • Delivery available on GrubHub, Postmates and UberEats
Good Goose Cafe is an Asian-inspired cafe in Larchmont Village that serves modern Thai dishes and Japanese raw fish rice bowls. Owners Jake Khajornsak and Neti Techa opened up March 2019, and Good Goose quickly became a neighborhood hot spot before the pandemic. They continue to remain open for pick up and delivery.
Q. How did you convince Neti to leave Seattle and join you here in Los Angeles?
A. Neti always wanted to move out of the cold rainy weather of Seattle. So, when Jake asked Neti to move to Los Angeles to open a Thai restaurant with him, Neti was more than willing.
Q. Describe your menu concept. What is "house-made style sushi"? What is "modern Thai"?
A. House-made sushi is simple yet delicious that many Japanese households can make. It is essentially a combination of rice and high-grade fish called donburi. The “modern Thai” dishes we serve are a combination of traditional Thai recipes with healthy conscious ingredients accessible for any dietary choices. 
Q. Your reviews on Yelp, Tripadvisor, GrubHub and Google, to name a few, are excellent. Other than your tasty dishes, what makes your customers such raving fans? 
A. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We want to welcome everyone that comes through our doors with open arms. We intended the restaurant to have a homelike vibe with cozy, minimal, beautiful greenery and warm lights which we get many compliments from customers.
Q. Where did Good Goose get its name?
A. Good Goose is a play on words from “Good Good” which means it is twice as good. Contrary to the restaurant’s name, we do not serve any goose.
Q. Why did you choose Larchmont Village? Do either of you live in the neighborhood? What's your favorite part about the neighborhood?
A. We chose the Larchmont Village because there are many great stores that uphold the Larchmont standard and we hope to do the same. Our favorite part about the neighborhood is that everyone is very friendly and welcoming. It differs from the hectic LA lifestyle everyone is used to.

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