Michelin Designates 12 Southern California Restaurants as "Discoveries"

The virtual event also awarded a sustainability award to Nancy Silverton
by Mona Holmes, Eater LA 
The Michelin Guide chose to not publish a California edition or distribute any awards this year, though awards were recently bestowed in other cities like New York and London. The guide declined to publish this year in California due to the devastation from the coronavirus pandemic and statewide wildfires. Instead, Michelin hosted a virtual event and fundraiser yesterday, and provided new recommendations, or “discoveries” for 25 California restaurants, with 12 in the greater LA and Orange County area.

Labeled the California Family Meal, the Michelin event raised funds for the California Food Bank Association and discussed the future of fine dining instead of announcing a California guide, stars, Bib Gourmand, or Plate recommendations. During the event, Michelin also announced a collection of 25 inspector discoveries, highlighting “a snapshot of new and inspiring culinary talent across California,” according to the Michelin website. Throughout Los Angeles, the inspector’s highlighted:

Two restaurants from Orange County and three from the Santa Barbara area were among the 25 discoveries:

Michelin designated inspector discoveries to five places in San Diego, including the quirky Morning Glory brunch spot. The guide also awarded seven California chefs who “have taken responsibility by preserving resources and embracing biodiversity, reducing food waste and reducing the consumption of non-renewable energy” the Green Star award. Recipients included Dominique Crenn, Alice Waters, and LA’s own Nancy Silverton.

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