Is Your Lawn Still Working for You?

Is Your Lawn Still Working for You?

Roughly seven years ago the city of Los Angeles, in a move to combat drought circumstances, began paying property owners to remove grass lawns and replace them with a more drought tolerant landscape. One of the results was a quick proliferation of such water-friendly landscapes all over town. But some of those weren't necessarily the most attractive or creative landscapes, they simply met the description of "drought tolerant."

Seven years after the program launched, however, we are seeing some amazing drought tolerant landscapes, that not only use less water, but are beautiful.

Hancock Park has long been the land of beautiful lush lawns, and still is; but a quick drive through the neighborhood today will shows that an increasing number homeowners have ditched those lawns and retained a creative designer to create something beautiful.

You'll find some great examples of those types of landscapes below. If you decide to entertain this type of landscape you’ll get a few benefits aside from reduced water use, including new species of birds and butterflies that visit your yard, and you can STILL get $2 per sq/ft of removed lawn to start your new project. Find out more at


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