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From LA County:

La County Is Stronger Together

LA, we’re all going through the current crisis together. To help you weather this storm, Headspace and the LA County Department of Mental Health have partnered to provide support and resources during this challenging time.
Sign up to access meditations, as well as sleep and movement exercises, designed to help you care for your mind — all free through 2020. You can also scroll down to explore a special collection curated for LA. Because when we take care of ourselves, everyone shines.

Here’s How You Can Get Some Headspace

  1. You’ll need to be physically in Los Angeles County when you sign up. If you’re not in Los Angeles County at the moment, you can use the resources below or create a free account and use our Weathering the storm content.

  2. Please make sure to allow your browser to share your location when prompted. We will temporarily process this broad location information to verify your eligibility.

  3. This offer is only available to those who don’t have an existing subscription to Headspace Plus. If you already have a Headspace Plus subscription, please log into your account.
Click here for your free subscription.

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